SFC Bridge Systems, a division of Speed Fab-Crete Corporation, designs, manufactures and assists in the installation of 3-sided concrete arch bridge systems. These clear span, environmentally friendly arch structures are economical, durable and virtually maintenance free. Typical uses are roadway stream crossings, pedestrian walkways and tunnels.

Speed Fab-Crete is a prime Southwest regional producer of precast components for bridges and overpasses. The arched concrete sections are available in a series of modular systems, ranging from 12 to 48 feet, variable heights and lengths determined by the number of units placed end-to-end.

  • Speed Fab-Crete plant produced for faster installation

  • Total set-in-place construction

  • Modular systems from 12 to 48 feet

  • Backfilling can begin immediately

  • Easily enhanced with architectural treatments

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) approved

The custom designed precast system, approved by the Texas Department of Transportation, allows for total "set in place" construction of bridges, overpasses, culverts and underground structures, including requirements for retention and containment. Backfilling of these bridge configurations can begin immediately! The arch system also allows for curved alignments.

The off-site fabrication and production assures faster installation, minimizes road closings and detours and eliminates costly maintenance of an exposed bridge deck and bridge deck icing.

The versatility of the arch-box system makes it cost effective and appealing for a variety of other applications, including wine storage, airports, railroads, golf courses, boat passages, pedestrian walkways, storage, retention, enclosures and containment. All are easily enhanced with architectural treatments.

SFC Bridge Systems
Jeff Harwell
Division Manager
P (214) 717-1773

β€œAt SFC Bridge Systems, we are focused on one product: bridges! We build them fast and beautiful. And each of our bridges meet or exceed TXDOT specifications. Contact us for a cost estimate on your next bridge and/or overpass construction project.”