Concrete and Masonry Wall, Roof and Floor Panels, Structurally Load bearing

Since 1961, Speed Fab-Crete has specialized in a structurally load bearing, precast, high strength concrete wall panel building system. Architectural panel applications and various veneer finishes, including a precast, thin brick system, are among numerous options offered by a proven leader in the American precast concrete manufacturing industry.

A proven precast, high-strength concrete building system produced in a certified manufacturing plant environment.

  • Architectural Precast Panels

  • Structural or Non Structural

  • Exposed aggregate

  • Sand blasted

  • Acid wash etch

  • Custom form liners

  • Exterior and interior building walls

  • Back-up walls for assorted veneers

  • Other specialty finishes

Our precast concrete wall panels are fabricated in thickness as required for the specific project and typically in widths of 8 to 14 feet and in various lengths. The panels have steel channel along their perimeter complying with ASTM A 36. The panels are reinforced with bars. When erected, the wall sections are welded to each other at the steel frame and to a base plate embedded in the building's foundation. Special engineered mix designs allow for use of lightweight or normal weight concrete with compression strengths up to 6,000 pounds per square inch.

Storm-Tested and Still Standing

The precast concrete walls of five buildings, constructed by Speed Fab-Crete, remained intact during a devastating tornado which struck Fort Worth, Texas in 2000. None of the walls sustained structural failure despite 157-mile-per-hour winds.

Five buildings, with exterior precast concrete walls produced and installed by Speed Fab-Crete, were in the path of the 2000 Fort Worth, Texas tornado March 28. At each location, the walls remained intact. Three of the buildings re-opened within days despite total destruction around them.

At each building, the Speed Fab-Crete precast concrete wall system apparently was unaffected by the Fujita scale "F-2 category" winds up to 157 miles per hour. This is consistent with previous independent tests by the Construction Research Center at UT-Arlington. And, now an "F-2 category" tornado proved it.

It's A Fact

Structural precast concrete walls eliminate insurance problems and deteriorating exterior appearances inherent with stucco or exterior insulation foam systems (E.I.F.S.). Most professional liability insurance NOW excludes coverage for EIFS damage.


Casting and Curing

The completed frames are moved to casting beds where, from our batch plant, concrete is poured into the panels, then smoothed and finished by Speed Fab-Crete specialists. When cured, normally in seven days, the panels are lifted off the casting beds, cleaned, inspected, and made ready for shipment.

Loading and Delivery

Final plant inspection of the panels includes acidizing, grinding, chipping and grouting to maintain consistent quality. Finished panels are hoisted by crane onto our custom-built lowboy trailer trucks for safe and timely delivery to your job site.

Job Erection

When the building slab is ready, a Speed Fab-Crete crane lifts each wall panel into place. The panels are load-bearing so no costly steel pre-construction is needed. Panels carry the weight of the building themselves and truss and stress both foundation and roof.

Our Product Line

  • Architectural precast concrete panels, structural & non-structural

  • Precast concrete walls for all building applications, loadbearing

  • Precast thin brick veneer concrete panels, structural

  • Precast concrete highway & embankment retaining walls, which meet TXDOT specifications

  • Precast concrete roof panels & floor panels

  • Precast concrete "safe" rooms, halls & closets for stormy weather

  • Precast concrete wheel stops, benches, tables, and splash blocks

  • Precast concrete restroom partitions

  • Precast concrete signs

  • Precast arch-box units, clear spanning 12' to 48', for bridge systems, which meet TXDOT specifications